10 reasons why you should live & Invest in Thailand

Tourist statistics

Thailand, known as the Land of Smile is one of the top tourist destinations in South East Asia. According to The Tourism Ministry of Thailand, the number of tourists who visited Thailand increased from 38.28 million to 29.80 million in 2019. This number is expected to increase rapidly in the upcoming years attracting more and more investors into the country. 

Regional Business Hub

Due to the strategic and accessible location within Southeast Asia, Thailand has benefitted from being a business hub for the past centuries. This has created an opportunity for businesses in Thailand to take advantage of the more affordable overhead costs as compared to other surrounding countries such as Singapore and Hong Kong. Furthermore, Thailand’s population rate is currently 69.43 million therefore this opens the opportunity for many employment positions all around the country while the minimum wage rate is roughly THB 336 which is considered as low compared to many other countries. 

Economic Growth Rate 

According to the economic report by Deloitte Thailand, the Thai Baht was considered to be one of the best-performing currencies in SouthEast Asia. On top of that, the residential market in Thailand dramatically increased in 2018 with a 42% growth in the residential condominiums sector. 


Thailand now has more than 100 top International Schools and is considered to be one of the world’s most prestigious institutes of higher learning. The schools don’t only offer Thai and English classes but have expanded to even offer classes such as Japanese, French, German, Chinese, and more. If you are traveling to Thailand with kids, you can be worry-free. 


Thailand has developed an excellent reputation globally in the healthcare sector. We are proud to have a number of internationally-certified doctors and medical staff, modern facilities, and equipment. Many of our private hospitals have achieved International standards of quality and specialties. We are also among the few Asian countries to have made the top 10 list in 2019. We offer a superior standard of care and most importantly, English speaking staff. When talking about the cost, healthcare in Thailand is considered to be relatively cheaper as compared to Western countries. 


Thailand’s capital city, Bangkok is known to have a top-class transport system. We are definitely well-known for our tuk-tuks and colorful taxis but on top of that, our train system. We have BTS & MRT lines that travel to most of the main areas in Bangkok and our train network is expected to be expanded to cover most of the outskirts of Bangkok within 2022. 


Whatever sport you’re looking for, Thailand has got it! From outdoor sports such as tennis, football, golf, and polo to indoor sports such as fitness centers, snooker halls, or skating rings, we’ve got it all. Thailand is home to more than 100 exclusive and world-class golf courses, especially in Hua Hin City. 

Social lifestyle 

Thailand is a vibrant country with different cities offering varied lifestyle choices. Our capital city, Bangkok can offer you Instagram worthy cafes to Michelin star restaurants. Sukhumvit area is surrounded by great restaurants, bars, pubs, cafes, world-class hotels, and shopping malls. When the sun goes down, the city is simply full of lights that brightens the night up. If you go to the South of Thailand, Phuket and Krabi can offer you some of the most beautiful white-sand beaches and islands. Going up the North, Chiang Mai is the perfect holiday destination during New Years’ where you can enjoy the cold breeze watching the gorgeous mountain views. Every City definitely had its own magic.  


The taste of Thailand is the taste you will never forget! Thai food is one of the most popular cuisines in the world. When traveling around Thailand, you can sample the different styles of Thai food from roadside food stalls to Royal Fancy Thai cuisine. On top of that, due to the high number of tourists in the past years, you can definitely find any cuisine across the world in this one country from Italian, French, Japanese, Chinese, to Indian and more. 

Cost of living 

It is true that in Thailand, the cost of living will 100% depend on your living lifestyle. You can find the cheapest and yummiest food from the local stores, best-looking outfits from the markets but if you prefer a more luxury lifestyle, we are home to Michelin star restaurants and world-class shopping malls that are full of branded products. The choice really depends on your lifestyle.

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